After two years of development, our high and low leather sneakers are ready.

Our sneakers PAUL MARIUS models PM001 & PM002 are declined in 15 original models.

Two years were necessary to elaborate a sneaker which will be conceived with the scraps of leather of our leather bags. To reuse these small pieces of leather without great future became a real challenge for us.

Cultivating creativity, originality and speed, our sneakers are definitely gender neutral, colorful and very limited editions.

We have been making incredible, durable and repairable bags for 11 years in our stores and we know that our leather sneakers will naturally not have the same longevity.

Our commitment is to collect your end-of-life PAUL MARIUS sneakers in all our stores, in order to give them to our partner in Normandy, with the aim of revalorizing them.

Our PAUL MARIUS sneakers are waiting to meet your last pair of ripped jeans, tuxedos, colorful socks or your best dress...



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