LePerfecto Camouflage Khaki / Gold - Size 40

Our Camouflage leather Perfecto is adorned with gold leather and military prints. Ready to provoke jealousy? Pair our leather Perfecto with vintage jeans and a pair of boots for an ultra sharp look.

Limited Edition


The leather chosen by PAUL MARIUS may have slight markings or colour variations, these nuances inherent to the skin and tanning effects are sought to offer you pieces with a unique character.


Size guide

Size 36: 15 pieces

Chest: 45cm, Waist: 41cm, Bottom: 47cm

Size 38: 20 pieces 

Chest: 47cm, Waist: 43cm, Bottom: 49cm

Size 40: 15 pieces  

Chest: 49cm, Waist: 45cm, Bottom: 51cm

Size 42: 15 pieces 

Chest: 51cm, Waist: 47cm, Bottom: 53cm

Size 44: 15 pieces 

Chest: 53cm, Waist: 49cm, Bottom: 55cm



Exterior: 40% Cowhide leather, 30% Full grain buffalo leather, 30% goat suede leather

Inside: 90% satin polyester, 10% cotton



For the care of the golden full grain buffalo leather and Camouflage cowhide leather we recommend applying the Universal Saphir Gel 2 to 3 times a year to protect the metallic patina. For goat suede leather parts, we recommend the use of the Suede Nubuck Cleaning Sponge to de-shine, the colorless Saphir Rénovétine to nourish (2-3 times a year) and the Saphir Invulner Waterproofing (2-3 times a year) to protect the leather. If your Perfecto comes into contact with water, we recommend that you let it dry away from a heat source. To remove one or more stains, take the jacket to a leather professional.

245,00 €
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